About JanitorGoods.com

JanitorGoods.com was created with a single purpose in mind: providing a single-source, efficient internet-based supplier for facility management personnel to purchase all of the supplies necessary to run their facility. While the supplies industry (including janitorial/cleaning supplies, paper goods, restaurant supplies, etc.) is an established industry, it is largely run as a early 20th century business where retail storefronts, delivery trucks, and door-to-door salesman offer their customers products the same way they have for the last 30+ years. For a business, their choice for purchasing supplies comes from one of these traditional organizations, their cleaning/food service/etc. company or visiting a local warehouse company, such as Sam's Club or Costco.


In the meantime, business managers have been changing their business processes throughout their organizations, bringing technology and flexible workforce/outsourcing to improve efficiencies and lower costs for their organizations. Since facility related supplies are typically not a significant line-item in organization's budgets (and is largely a commodity type business), the focus on most organizations in improving their operating efficiency has been on larger budget line-items. As a result, this traditional industry has not been forced to embrace the changes that most organizations have.

The challenge for facility management personnel is that the mismatch between the technologies and expectations of the buyers with the traditional suppliers in the industry. JanitorGoods.com was created to bridge this gap and help modernize this traditional industry to make the facility manager's job more efficient as they are continuously being asked to do more with less time. We at JanitorGoods.com realize that your time is money and having to jump through hoops to purchase supplies when you need to be addressing real problems in your facility is not the best use of your time.


The idea for JanitorGoods.com came from the collaboration of a 30+ year veteran of the supplies industry, the owner of an established facility services company, a fortune 500 (and subsequently two high growth public technology companies) facility manager, and a veteran e-commerce software executive. The 30+ year veteran of the supplies industry had previously co-founded (and subsequently left to form another company) one of the early internet based sites for purchasing certain facility related supplies. JanitorGoods.com is the next iteration of his original vision to embrace the technological changes that have made life easier while simultaneously increasing the expectations management have of what its facility services personnel can deliver.

JanitorGoods.com understands that we can only be successful by making you our customers successful. We appreciate any feedback, recommendations or product line additions you would like us to carry. In addition to the numerous products that we carry on our site, we have access to many more products. We will be continuously evaluating additional products to add to our site. If you need something specific, let us know and we will do our best to find it and make it a product you can order from us.


Thank you in advance for your business and do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything that we need.


To all of you, from all of us at JanitorGoods.com - Thank you!